Casa Natura Vintage Bags


Designed by Suzy Pearson

"We have been working closely with India & Indonesia for over 25 years & fully understand our responsibilities as exporters from less-developed countries. We have consciously chosen to only work with small suppliers & villages of skilled craftsmen to ensure profits go to those who produce the goods we buy at fair prices. Each year we personally visit the communities living & working in these villages to ensure they comply with our standards:

  • No child labour
  • No dangerous working practises
  • Equal treatment of both men & women regardless of religion or ethnic group.

We have spent time developing a non-exploitative & trusting working relationship with our suppliers so that we can all bear the fruits of our mutually beneficial long term business.

The respect we have for the richness & diversity of the countries we trade with means that we focus on recycled & sustainable natural resources."



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