Bougies la Française Dinner Candles BELLE ÎLE


French dinner candles driplessFrench dinner candles Bougies la Francaisebougies la francaise french dinner candles


Bougies la Française Dinner Candles Belle Île

A nice way to make dinnertime more peaceful and thoughtful is to light your table with candles … relaxing is actually a very good thing.

Bougies la Française is a beloved company which started making candles in 1902! It holds the French Government’s ENTREPRISE DE PATRIMOINE VIVANT Seal.

Smokeless, dripless, no scent.  Benzene-free, sulphur-free.  Made from highly refined paraffin in the traditional European way!

100% cotton wicks.  Color is saturated through the candle.  Burn time approx. 7 hours.

Box of 12 dinner candles.

Made in France.

European home design, featuring David Fussenegger Austria, Laupan Kankurit Finland, Ekelund Weavers Sweden, Libeco Belgium, Tweedmill of Wales