Lapuan Kankurit Finland Terva Men’s Robe LARGE



Scandinavian Spa Robe Lapuan Kankurit Finland

Lapuan Kankurit Terva Men’s Robe LARGE

Welcome to the world of Finland’s sauna-bred men – bold, strong, happy.

Designer: Anu Leinonen.

Lapuan’s innovative combination of linen, tencel and cotton creates a breathable, moisture-absorbing, quick-drying robe.  Terva’s high-tab collar opens for a wide-lape

39% linen terry, 43% tencel, 18% cotton.

Color: black graphite.

Made in Finland.

We have 1 Terva Robe in stock: Black Graphite Large.

A word about tencel.  Its technical name is lyocell, and it’s made from wood pulp.  It’s very absorbant, breathable, and soft.  Lapuan has created a fabric comprised of tencel, cotton, and the best European linen, perfect for garments such as their Terva robe.

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Kerva Men's Robe

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