Digoin Adorable Dark Green Pumpkin Pitcher



Le Manufacture Digoin Adorable Pumpkin Pitcher Citrouille Verveine Arriving mid-January

This wonderful French company has passed down the tradition of hand-crafting stoneware pottery in the Burgundy region since 1875.

Each product is shaped, making each piece unique.  Shiny enamel on the inside.

The stoneware clay, which is prepared entirely inside Digoin’s workshops, is made of natural mineral materials from the Burgundy, Auvergne, Charente, and Île-de-France regions.

The potteries are fired in high-temperature furnaces (1250°).  This type of firing results in excellent sealing quality and solidity.

Looks cute filled with flowers, too!

Holds 1 litre.  Color: Citrouille Verveine = Dark Green.

La Manufacture de Digoin holds the French Government’s ENTREPRISE DE PATRIMOINE VIVANT Seal.