Lapuan Kankurit Saaga Mohair Throw



Lapuan Kankurit Mohair & Wool Throw

A dazzling splash of turquoise to surround your soul.

70% mohair from South Africa, 30% wool from New Zealand, a touch of rayon.

Mohair is the hair of the Angora goat, and its fiber, besides being soft beautiful, is yet firm and resistant to moisture.

Size: 55″ x 66″ (4ft. 2in. x 5ft. 6in. [130x170cm].

Development of product and programming of Jacquard machines at Lapuan’s mill in Finland.

Woven at Lapuan’s sister mill in Lithuania.

A word about Lithuania.  Formerly a satellite of Soviet Russia, Lithuania is now independent, and its centuries of weaving expertise is being recognized and supported in Western Europe.

European home design, featuring David Fussenegger Austria, Laupan Kankurit Finland, Ekelund Weavers Sweden, Libeco Belgium, Tweedmill of Wales