Libeco Belgian Bistro Apron LINO (+ Free Camaret Kitchen Towel)



Camaret Towels – choose one!

Libeco Kitchen Towels Camaret Belgian Linen


Libeco Belgian Linen Bistro Apron LINO

The Bistro Apron is nothing less than a European fashion statement!  Designed for women and men alike.

Libeco’s linen is harvested from the fabled flax fields of Belgium and northern France.100% Belgian Linen. Mid-weight flax-colored linen.
Size: 39″x 43″.
Made in Belgium.

A purchase of a Bistro Lino Apron comes with a free Camaret Kitchen Towel.

Let us know which color you would like (subject to availability)!

European home design, featuring David Fussenegger Austria, Laupan Kankurit Finland, Ekelund Weavers Sweden, Libeco Belgium, Tweedmill of Wales