Wallace#Sewell Girl & Boy Blue Scarf



Wallace Sewell London English Wool Scarves

Wallace#Sewell Boy & Girl Lambswool Scarf

Wallace#Sewell London Lambswool Scarf Blue Grey

Wallace#Sewell Girl & Boy Blue Lambswool Scarf

Wallace#Sewell London Boy & Girl Lambswool Scarf

Wallace Sewell English Wool Men's Scarf


London design team Wallace#Sewell has a fabulous collection of lambswool scarves with intricately woven patterns and lots of modern flair. The perfect accessory to your winter wardrobe.
100% lambswool.
Size: 8 in. x 70 in.
Made in England.


Wallace#Sewell London Wool Scarves

Harriet Wallace and Emma Sewell opened their weaving studio in London in 1990, instantly winning recognition for their unique designs and commitment to traditional English manufacturing techniques. Each lambswool scarf contains a multitude of colors and is blocked in varying weaves for eye-catching results. The wool/cashmere-wool short scarves are woven in traditional plaids with gorgeous color combinations.
Wallace Sewell English Wool Men's Scarf