ZzzooLights Aminal Lamp Clarence the Horse


ZzzooLights horse animal lamps Italy


Meet Clarence.

We at Metaphore believe every grown-up needs a ZzoooLight – to keep you company and give you love.  You will develop a relationship with your ZzzooLight.  We have chosen our ZzzooLights’ names, but you might feel you’d like to rename your new friend.

Each ZzzooLight is designed by Italian architect Ramin Razini.

Full and night-light choices.  Long-lasting, cool LED bulbs.

Sculptured from polyurethane sheets.

Care: Dust or wash with detergent and soft cloth.

Made in Italy.European home design, featuring David Fussenegger Austria, Laupan Kankurit Finland, Ekelund Weavers Sweden, Libeco Belgium, Tweedmill of Wales