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NapKing linen table runners Sicily metaphore european home
Libeco linen bags purses cases Belgian linen
Lapuan Kankurit pocket shawl Finland
Ekelund rugs Sweden
Nydel coated tablecloths made in France
Atelier Costa orange linen apron Spain
Tweedmill Wool Throws Scarves Wales
Tweedmill Blankets Throws Wales
Swedish Dishcloths Pretty Designs, Absorbant & Quick-Drying
David Fussenegger pillow covers Austria
ZzzooLights animal lamps snail
Bougies la Francaise dripless dinner candles French
Ekelund table runners Swedish

Métaphore Offers Quality Lifestyle Items from Small European Companies Who Support Traditional Artisanship and Contemporary Designers - Thanks for Visiting!

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I hope you will enjoy viewing our British and European products, carefully curated to bring you items of lasting quality and beauty (and some fun!).

I’m Metaphore’s owner, Liza – I’d love to hear from you.

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“By the way, don’t lose your personal touch – it is very charming! I feel I got to know you a bit. Very nice.”
EA, Vancouver, Canada

“I really appreciate your going the extra mile: it’s what makes small business owners so lovely to deal with and keeps customers coming back. I will be back!”
VK, Chicago

“Hello again from London! And thank you for making it all so easy.”
FS, London, England

“I’m so happy that a purveyor of such beautiful merchandise as YOU is in our fair city.
With thanks and good wishes,”
TD, New Haven, Connecticut