Lapuan Kankurit Linen Apron PINNY


Designer Anu LeinonenLapuan Kankurit Designer Anu Leinonen


Lapuan Kankurit Linen Apron Pinny

An instrument of inspiration for working wonders in your kitchen!

Designed by Anu Leinonen.

Creamy flax color with white stripes at the bottom.

100% linen.  Care: Use a neutral detergent, avoid softeners and bleach.  If you have a penchant for ironing, iron linen while damp or use lots of steam!

Length: 35 inches [89cm].

Started in 1917, Lapuan Kankurit is a family-owned company based in Lapua, Finland.

Made in Finland.

European home design, featuring David Fussenegger Austria, Laupan Kankurit Finland, Ekelund Weavers Sweden, Libeco Belgium, Tweedmill of Wales